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UOB SGS Bond Index Announcement

Quant Shop Pty Ltd and United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) will discontinue the UOB SGS Index* with an Effective Date of 1 June 2017.

Launched in 1999, the UOB SGS Index has provided investors and portfolio managers a reliable benchmark for Singapore Dollar-denominated bonds. Over the years, the Index has gained wide usage in the Singapore fixed income market.

With the discontinuation of the Index, Quant Shop is recommending the transition to the Singapore Fixed Income Indices (SFI) which is jointly developed by Thomson Reuters and Singapore Exchange (TR/SGX).

Information on the SFI:

The SFI Indices were launched in 2013 and consist of over 60 government, statutory board and corporate bond indices for the Singapore market. SFI is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Extremely high correlations between UOB SGS Index and TR/SGX SFI Government Bond Index
  • Broad coverage of statutory board and corporate bonds as well as Singapore Government bonds
  • Independent bond price source via Thomson Reuters Evaluated Pricing Service
  • Transparent, rule-based methodologies which adhere to the IOSCO principles for financial benchmarks
  • UOB will become one of the contributors of prices for the SFI Government Bond Indices
  • Simple, flexible commercial and access policies for users
  • SFI Index history dating from 2009
  • Underpinned by Thomson Reuters’ and SGX’s commitment to promote the debt capital market in Singapore.

Existing users of UOB SGS Index may contact TR/SGX to request for more information and free trial access of SFI.

For queries on UOB SGS Index, please contact:        For queries on SFI, please contact:

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Simon Karaban

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*UOB SGS Index is calculated by UOB and Quant Shop Pty Ltd.